Which extension is suitable for large eyes: advice from professionals

The beauty and uniqueness of your eyes can be emphasized by knowing some makeup secrets. So, with the help of simple tips, it’s easy to perform the perfect make-up for eyes of any color and shape, highlighting your femininity and uniqueness!

Makeup is a constant companion and assistant, helping girls highlight their strengths and hide their flaws. Lucky are those to whom nature has given big eyes! They attract maximum attention, evoke admiration from the opposite sex, and are also a huge platform for expressing your own style.

However, there are some rules based on the shape and color of your eyes. By following these simple recommendations, you can achieve incredible success and create beautiful makeup for large, alluring eyes.

How to paint big eyes correctly. Photo

The main problem with large eyes is the “wet” effect. It happens that the eyes seem shiny and tearful. To hide and correct this situation, cosmetologists strongly recommend using a black pencil. This simple and popular makeup item can do a lot to your look:

  • emphasize drama
  • make your eyes expressive
  • add extravagance

The use of rich black mascara in unlimited quantities is also allowed. Mascara can create a seductive shadow around the eyes, so carefully paint over the upper and lower eyelashes.

Properly applied shadows make a big difference. Lightening some areas of the eyelids and darkening others, which can completely change the impression and create a beautiful play of shades, gradients and volume.

Age make-up

Women over 50 often face the problem of impending age. The most enterprising of them find a solution in proper makeup. Remember these simple rules and nothing can interfere with your impeccable appearance.

  • Choose medium eyebrow thickness and soft contours.
  • The key to perfect makeup is naturalness and authenticity.
  • It is necessary to emphasize the upper eyelashes with a pencil and soften this line with shading.
  • Use matte shadows in muted tones as the basis for your eye makeup. Makeup artists recommend that dark-skinned ladies prefer a beige-brown palette, while fair-skinned women should choose shades of tea rose or ivory.
  • Light shadows should also be applied to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Above the crease of the eyelid, we recommend applying eyeshadow slightly darker than the base color.
  • A thin line of white pencil along the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid helps to enlarge the eyes.
  • The final detail of age-related makeup is a layer of mascara.

We hope that our step-by-step photos taught you how to apply makeup for drooping eyelids and enlarged eyes. As you can see, any feature of appearance can be corrected and delicately hidden. This means there are no barriers to being the most beautiful!



Makeup products for large eyes

To create an excellent make-up, you need to have a number of important and mandatory makeup products, so be patient and check your makeup bag for:

  • Concealer is an excellent assistant that allows you to hide all minor imperfections around the eyes and even out skin tone, as well as effectively remove bags under the eyes
  • Black eyeliner is a universal item. Choose a pencil that is not very hard so that it leaves a fairly clear, rich line and does not hurt the eyelid.
  • Pearl eyeliner is a soft, light eyeliner with a drop of shine, allowing you to highlight the magic of your look in specific places.
  • Eyeliner is a tool that can be used to create a graceful curved line. Such an arrow can visually make eyelashes more voluminous and make the look more tempting.
  • The shadow palette is the most diverse and multi-colored, with warm and cold shades
  • A volumizing and lengthening mascara that can work magic on your eyes.

Shadows for brown eyes

Let's start with the color scheme of the shadows. The most suitable option when creating beautiful makeup for brown eyes would be shades of cool shades - from dark blue to light blue. Turquoise, all shades of lilac, lilac, burgundy, plum, dark green, marsh colors are also suitable. To brighten your eyes, both golden and silver shades are suitable, you can use peach and beige shadows.

These colors will help create sparkle in the eyes, give them depth and mystery.

When choosing a color combination in your makeup, it is useful to use a color wheel. Colors opposite each other always go well together. Also try to use the triangle and square rule, this will help you well in choosing the range of shadows.

How to paint big eyes with a pencil

To highlight the beauty of your eyes with a contour pencil, follow these recommendations:

  1. Provide yourself with high-quality and bright lighting: daylight from a window or a nearby lamp
  2. Don't close your eyes while you apply makeup, as drooping eyelids lose their shape compared to raising them.
  3. Visually divide the eye into thirds along the ciliary row and start drawing a line from the beginning of the second third
  4. Draw a line in the outer corner along the lash line, bend the tip of the line slightly upward
  5. Draw a second line on top of the first with more pressure from the pencil. This will make the line deeper and more expressive.

Always pay attention to how sharp your pencil is. Don't try to draw a line with a dull lead and only shade the line if it becomes uneven.

Features of applying shadows for different eye shapes

When creating any makeup, special attention is paid to the eyes. But not all representatives of the fair sex can boast of a beautiful and expressive look. There are many ways to correct the situation.

  1. Makeup for small brown eyes:
      Apply concealer to the area under the eyes. The shade should be lighter than the foundation to create the visual effect of glasses;
  2. light shades of eyeshadow: beige, peach, light purple, sand, light pink. Will help enlarge your eyes and pearlescent color. If you want to make arrows, use a medium brown pencil.
  3. To visually enlarge your eyes, you need to tint the lower eyelid (behind the lash line) with a white pencil, and line the growth line with a regular one; — mascara can be used in any color, but black will make your look a little heavier.

  4. Makeup for big brown eyes. Large eyes can be of different shapes, and the makeup technique depends on this:
      convex - distribute dark shadows over the upper eyelid and blend towards the eyebrows. It is best to use cool matte shades;
  5. round - you need to apply shadow from the inner corner of the eyelid and shade it towards the temples;
  6. for almond-shaped eyes, you can use any of the above options.

How to make brown eyes more expressive with gentle makeup

For eyes without visible features, any makeup application technique is suitable.

Those with wide-set eyes should apply deeper shadows to the inner corners of the eyelids and light ones to the rest of the eyelids. You can completely outline your eyes with eyeliner and apply mascara to the entire length of your eyelashes.

When the eyes are set close together, it is necessary to apply light colors to the inner part of the eye, and dark ones to the outer part. Emphasis should be placed on the outer corners of the eyes using mascara and eyeliner to visually make them more elongated.

The key to applying makeup for deep-set eyes is to use darker shades in the crease, outer corner of the eye, and lash line. And lighter shades are applied to the moving eyelid so that the eyes seem to come forward.

Slightly bulging eyes can be visually corrected by applying dark shades to the eye socket area and the upper contour of the eyelashes. The upper eyelashes need to be covered with a thick layer of mascara.

For eyes with drooping eyelids, you need to apply darker shadows to the outer half of the eyelash contour and a slightly lighter shade to the crease of the eye, blending up to half of the fixed eyelid. Darkening this part will reduce the drooping of the fixed eyelid. The upper eyelashes should not be heavily coated with mascara; it is better to focus on the lower row.

How to paint big eyes with shadows

In order for cosmetics to look neat and expressive on your eyes, you should follow the sequence of its application. So, traditionally, girls shade shadows under the eyebrow, on the corners and on the moving eyelid.

The area under the eyebrow is traditionally highlighted. In this case, use light pearlescent shades, preferably cold ones. Highlight the inner corners of the eyes, located near the bridge of the nose. Do not try to choose a dark tone for the moving eyelid, give preference to a light one. Highlight the crease formed by the movement of the eyelid with a rich shade. This way your eyes can gain charm and expressiveness. Paint the outer corner of the eyes with dark colors. It is important not to overdo it with the amount of dark shadows, avoiding a “dirty” effect.

Green eyes

We advise girls with green eyes to have plum, peach, purple and golden shadows in their cosmetic arsenal.

You can repeat this makeup for drooping eyelids and enlarged eyes using step-by-step photos for a luxurious evening look. And for daily make-up it is better to choose less contrasting shades.

The common “loop” technique is ideal for green eyes. Shade the outline of the eye with a pencil and draw a loop as in the photo. Use dark shadows to create a soft outline. Paint the entire eyelid with peach eyeshadow. Apply a light tone under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye, and lengthening mascara on the eyelashes - this will open up the eyes even more.

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Types of arrows for large eyes

Among all the secrets and techniques for creating spectacular makeup, the variety of eyeliner alone can impress anyone! In fact, it is difficult to count how many of them exist in the world, but the most popular ones have long won the hearts of girls.

So, the following options are always relevant:

  • long eyeliner arrows
  • arrow from middle to outer corner
  • double arrow

The beauty of the eyeliner depends on the shape of the eyes. So, all options are suitable for almond-shaped eyes. Round - a line across the entire eyelid. Moreover, this line should gradually expand and increase towards the outer corner.

Double arrows add mystery and make the look “cat-like”. To do this, you need to draw a line across the entire upper eyelid, increasing the thickness of the arc towards the outer corner. The tip of the line bends upward. The lower eyelid is decorated with a thin line. The difference between the bottom line is that we draw it from the outer corner to the middle of the eye.

Makeup secrets

  • A primer or eyeshadow base should become your faithful assistant in creating long-lasting makeup. For girls with drooping eyelids, this remedy plays a dual role. The fact is that it is difficult for shadows to resist the pressure of their own eyelid, and they need additional support in the form of a primer.
  • If you are a smokey eye lover, you should know that a dark shade of eyeshadow should be applied not only to the movable crease, but also to the area above it. This technique ensures that eye makeup will be visible not only when the eyelids are lowered.
  • A drooping eyelid can visually make your eyes appear smaller. To correct this situation, avoid clear contours and shade the boundaries along the eyelash edge. And also take advantage of the makeup ideas from our article.

Emma Stone's competent eye makeup with neat winged liner and matte shadows

  • We advise girls with small moving eyelids to draw thin arrows and gently shade them. Graphic lines will look ridiculous.
  • Sparkling particles on an overhanging area always create an accent in this place. Therefore, it is better to use matte textures of shadows in neutral colors
  • Smoky eyes will be one of the best makeup techniques for you. You can safely use it in both daytime and evening looks. The only taboo will be pearlescent shadows.

Blake Lively

Eyebrows are the most important touch of your perfect makeup. The straight shape and arched eyebrows are excluded. Also, they should not be too wide or narrow. The best solution would be soft shading, a smooth bend and a slightly raised tip of the eyebrow.

  • Apply your makeup with your eyes open. Yes, at first it may be unusual, but this trick guarantees that the shadow transitions will turn out the way you intended them.
  • The Cut Crease makeup technique, which is very fashionable in the 2019-2019 season, is ideal for correcting your features. It darkens the fold and the area underneath it.
  • Makeup artists also love to create emphasis on the lips - this is a 100% way to divert attention from the overhanging area.

Jennifer Lawrence

Evening makeup for big eyes

Whatever eyes you have, the main thing is how you try to emphasize your advantages. By maintaining evening makeup for large eyes (darker and richer) and daytime eye makeup (light, fresh and using minimal makeup), you will achieve an unsurpassed result!

Evening makeup requires a lot of effort, since night lighting can play on every sparkle of your shadows and give your image a fabulous beauty. In evening makeup, clearer and more expressive lines are acceptable, as well as bright and rich colors that match your outfit and accessories.

Delicate makeup for brown eyes

  1. Makeup base. To make light makeup for brown eyes more attractive, you need to give your skin a radiant look. It’s not for nothing that residents of Japan, where the vast majority of brown-eyed women live, believe that the basis of a woman’s beauty is, first of all, smooth, delicate and radiant skin. To create this effect you will need concealer, bronzer, luminizer and cream blush.
      Concealer will remove dark circles under the eyes and help hide blemishes and red veins. Accordingly, we apply it to the right places.
  2. Bronzer is designed to highlight or define cheekbones, help make the face more expressive, and round the chin.
  3. Luminizer is applied to create a shimmering effect. It is enough to apply a little of it above the eyebrows, on the tick above the lips, on the apples of the cheeks or cheekbones and the bridge of the nose.
  4. Cream blush will help make your face look more vibrant and not monochromatic. The blush tone should be calm and light. It is best to choose blush in harmony with the lipstick used, otherwise the image will turn out artificial, and the dissonance of color will hurt the eye.
  5. Eye makeup. To create a gentle look, it is better to use light, non-aggressive tones of eye shadow - apricot, lavender, light gray, light blue, peach, shades of fresh greenery. The radiant and delicate look is emphasized by pearlescent shadows. Peach, light blue and light gray colors go well together. Apply shadow according to your eye type. After applying the eyeshadow, carefully glue the false eyelashes at the base of your natural eyelashes. In natural makeup for brown eyes, do not use too bright and thick an eyeliner line, make it thin, almost invisible. It is possible to use eyeliner a tone or two darker than the main eyeshadow color, although brown eyes prefer black or dark brown eyeliner. A big plus in the appearance of those with brown eyes is that black or dark brown eyeliner fits very organically, does not look vulgar and only increases the shape of the eyes, making them larger. Due to it, it is also possible to correct the shape of the eyes, giving them an exotic oriental outline or a native Slavic type.
  6. We paint our lips. Before painting your lips, even out their color using a foundation pencil or cream. After this, use pearlescent lipstick in pastel colors, perhaps pink or beige in various shades, excluding dark and luminescent tones, and gloss of about the same color. The gloss will give your lips volume and some sensual moisture. You should not wear bright lipstick, otherwise the makeup will turn out not gentle, but aggressive.

Thus, using our tips for creating simple makeup for brown eyes, you can look pretty and feminine, highlight the beauty of your eyes and add fragility to your image.

Daytime makeup for big eyes

Daytime makeup involves light colors and calm bed tones in makeup. Do not oversaturate your eyes with dark and too shiny shadows, as well as a wide line of eyeliner.

It will be sufficient to apply translucent shadows to the upper eyelid and shade it from the middle to the outer corner of the eye. You can also exclude the contour pencil and focus only on long eyelashes painted in one layer.

We hope this article will help you choose the right makeup and look just great.

What not to do

Makeup mistakes with a looming eyelid are almost inevitable. Girls rarely know what classic make-up techniques can be included in the list of strict taboos. But we want to protect you from embarrassing beauty mistakes, so we have compiled a rating of the most common mistakes.

  • Too wide arrows look like a dark, incomprehensible spot. But beautiful cat eye makeup with thin elegant lines will be very useful.
  • Soft shading is your everything. This applies to the boundaries of shadows, color transitions and the line of eyeliner or pencil. But for some reason many girls neglect this stage and get the “black eye effect” as a result.
  • False eyelashes are a girl’s main weapon when creating an unforgettable image. But the makeup will be hopelessly ruined if the edge of the tape is wide and has no gaps.
  • The lower eyelid, emphasized with a pencil without shading, is another common mistake.

Shading is the main ally of the impending century

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