How can a man stimulate his prostate?

The function of the prostate is to produce a secretion that helps liquefy sperm and ensure sperm motility. In diseases of the prostate gland, stagnant processes form, and prostate massage improves the production of secretions and, at the same time, helps cleanse the organ of bacteria.

Anatomy of the prostate.

Prostate massage is necessary to improve blood microcirculation, which in turn facilitates better penetration of drugs into the tissue. Preventive massage, which can be carried out independently at home, is recommended for increasing potency in men (especially in mature age), improving the quality of sexual intercourse and its duration.


Digital rectal massage refers to methods of transrectal stimulation of the prostate gland. It is similar in size and shape to a chestnut fruit and is located 3 centimeters from the anus.

Prostate massage with finger

For ethical reasons, prostate massage with a finger in a hospital is usually performed by a male doctor, less often by a nurse. And without an assistant, it often has to be done using third-party devices or special exercises. Most often it is performed by a partner to her husband or boyfriend.

Prostate stimulation in men: techniques and contraindications

The prostate is located in the body cavity in such a way that it has direct access through the anus. This makes it available for stimulation - a special massage technique that improves men's health.

Why do you need to stimulate the prostate?

Massage stimulation of the prostate performs several functions:

  • Obtaining prostate secretory juice, based on the analysis of which the doctor draws conclusions about the man’s sexual health and prescribes appropriate treatment. The prostate gland secretes a special secretory juice, which during ejaculation mixes with the seminal fluid and contributes to a more comfortable and rapid movement of sperm in the acidic environment of the vagina. In order to separately obtain prostate juice, it must be stimulated separately through the anus.
  • “Extrusion” of stagnant secretions from the gland. This is a useful procedure for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, since inflammatory products are released along with the secretion: bacteria, purulent plugs, etc.
  • Improving erection, sensations during sex and sperm quality. Regular and proper prostate massage will enhance the pleasant sensations in intimate relationships and will be especially useful for those couples who want to conceive a child. Therefore, you can learn how to massage the prostate gland with your finger at home for such purposes; a man can be helped by his woman.
  • Health improvement. Thanks to timely massage, lymph flow and blood circulation improve. This eliminates blood stagnation, improves the tone and nutrition of the organ with useful substances and oxygen, which is especially useful for men with irregular sex life. To treat the disease, massage is combined with medication.
  • Prevention of age-related male diseases. Proper stimulation will improve the health and functionality of the prostate gland and prevent its possible diseases. For example, men over 30 years of age are more likely to suffer from prostatitis, and prostate massage is an excellent prevention.

Proper stimulation of the prostate will improve its health and functionality!

General rules for prostate stimulation

  • If a man decides to do a massage at home on his own or ask a loved one to help with this, you need to carefully monitor your feelings. Minor discomfort and pain are acceptable only during the first procedures, then they should disappear. After warming up the prostate areas, the pain should disappear, but if this does not happen, then the massage should be stopped.
  • You can take any comfortable position. In the hospital, the patient is often asked to lie on his side and bend his knees. At home, you can squat with your knees wide apart or sit down, bend your knees and spread them wide apart.
  • All movements should be smooth, slow, stroking and careful so as not to cause injury. If you need to increase the pressure, then this happens gradually and smoothly.
  • It is more convenient to massage with an empty bladder, especially if the stimulation is intended to be internal. After the procedure, the bladder should be emptied immediately, as the urine may contain bacteria.
  • The course of therapeutic stimulation lasts at least 10-15 sessions; repetition is possible after a long break. Stimulation can be carried out daily or every other day - with this schedule, at least 10 procedures should be performed. The minimum duration is 30 seconds, the maximum is 5 minutes. After the first course, you need a break for 4 days, then you can repeat stimulation as a preventive measure. If a man has chronic prostatitis, the prostate must be stimulated once every week.

For therapeutic purposes, prostate massage is performed by a urologist!

How to stimulate the prostate: massage techniques

External massage

Using these techniques you can massage the prostate with your own hands:

  • Regular massage. First you need to warm up the body with a general massage of the lower back and hips by rubbing and kneading. Move with four fingers, as if describing a circle according to the location of the vessels, for no more than 7 minutes to improve blood circulation. Then rub these areas to improve blood circulation. After this, move on to massage specific places located closer to the prostate: the lower vertebrae of the lower back, sacrum, upper thighs, buttocks, abdomen. Perform all actions with 3-4 fingers, smoothly moving from one to another.
  • Segmental technique - massaging the human body in predetermined segments. For prostatitis in the pelvic area, the lumbar triangle is isolated, which is massaged in the same way as with a regular massage. After this, move on to the buttocks.
  • Hydromassage. It is useful for the whole body, as it increases the immunity of the body as a whole, including improving the condition of the prostate and nearby organs. The massage is performed with a decoction of chamomile with potassium permanganate using a rubber bulb.
  • Vibromassage. A special device is used: it is placed on the lower vertebrae in the lumbar and chest areas. The massage is easy to perform at home; the entire procedure lasts 5-7 minutes.

For external stimulation, additional devices are often used:

  • vibration: to create light vibration that gently massages the prostate, enhances its tone and blood flow;
  • magnetic: the electric field gradually reduces inflammation and restores healthy functionality of the prostate;
  • electrical stimulation: small current discharges restore tissue tone and blood circulation;
  • thermal: increase temperature, relax and increase blood flow;
  • mechanical: relieve inflammation and improve blood flow.

For external stimulation of the prostate, you can use special devices

Prostate stimulation internally

A direct impact is made on the prostate with a finger through the anus. Before the procedure, your doctor will tell you how to prepare for it.

  1. The patient takes a position that is comfortable for himself and the massage therapist.
  2. The massage therapist must wear sterile gloves and lubricate the patient’s massage finger and anus with Vaseline.
  3. The masseur inserts a finger into the anus to a depth of no more than five centimeters and feels the prostate. During the initial procedure, you need to carefully examine the size and shape of the prostate, taking into account the patient’s sensations.
  4. There is a warm-up that may cause slight discomfort.
  5. This is followed by a massage. When performed skillfully, the patient does not feel pain. If the pain does not stop after warming up, the massage should be stopped. The massage occurs through light stroking movements from top to bottom from the edges of the prostate to its center. If necessary, the pressure can be smoothly and gradually increased.
  6. At the end of the procedure, you need to feel the central groove and gently stimulate it from top to bottom.
  7. As a result, prostate secretion will be released from the urethra. The massage lasts on average 2-5 minutes, it is better to perform it every other day.

Anal prostate massage

Do-it-yourself massage is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. The day before the massage, you should use a suppository with a laxative or an enema.
  2. You need to drink 300-400 ml in half an hour. fluids to fill your bladder.
  3. Then you need to carry out careful hygiene of the intimate area.
  4. Wash your hand, put on a glove, condom or fingertip.
  5. If necessary, treat your finger with Vaseline, be sure to treat the anus.
  6. Carefully insert your finger into the anus to a depth of 4-5 cm.
  7. Feel the wall from the pubic side and find the gland. It feels like a walnut to the touch.
  8. Perform the massage using the same technology as in the previous instructions for 2-5 minutes. If the prostate is very hard, there may be stagnation of blood, sperm or secretions. In this case, carefully and gradually increase the pressure.

Contraindications to prostate stimulation

Prostate stimulation is a useful procedure for many men, but there are a number of contraindications when such massage is prohibited:

  • Some bacterial inflammations;
  • Cysts, stones in cysts, calcifications, abscesses;
  • Hemorrhoids, recent surgery or fissures in the rectum;
  • Previously undergone surgery on the prostate gland;
  • Prostatic hyperplasia;
  • Prostate tuberculosis;
  • Acute stage of any disease with high fever and severe pain;
  • Pain during competent and careful stimulation of the prostate. In this case, either a possible pathology needs to be investigated, or the man has increased sensitivity in this area.
  • Prostate or rectal cancer.

In other cases, prostate stimulation is recommended for a faster and more effective cure for prostatitis and is useful for maintaining men's health. If a man is sick, it is better to entrust the massage to a specialist, especially for the first time. He will be able to carefully examine the prostate gland, send it for additional examination if necessary, and perform a competent massage. The specialist will explain and show in practice what needs to be done and how, and in the future the man, on his own or with the help of a loved one, will be able to master massage at home.

Prostate massage: what is it for?

Considered a medical “classic,” anal prostate massage is performed primarily for diagnostic purposes – to obtain a sample of prostatic juice. A little less often and in the absence of contraindications, it can be prescribed for treatment. Analysis is necessary to confirm:

  • adenomas – benign, hormonal growth of gland tissue;
  • her cancer - since the presence of a malignant process in her is diagnosed by the presence in the blood serum of the so-called. tumor marker PSA (prostate-specific antigen). Tumor markers are germinal proteins that stimulate rapid growth and formation of the fetus. And after birth, their blood level drops to zero. Their presence in the blood of a pregnant woman is normal; in other cases, they most likely indicate cancer. The concentration of PSA in the blood “increases” over the next 1-2 hours after rectal manipulation, making the malignant process more noticeable.

Speaking about why prostate massage is needed, we should also remember about prostatitis. If an acute stage is suspected, the method is prohibited. But in case of chronic pathology and the absence of stones, it is prescribed to improve the outflow of accumulated ejaculate and normalize urination. Two-week courses become the only solution if the course of prostatitis is complicated by the lack of regular sex.

Prostate massage at home for your husband for a thrill: preparatory procedures and contraindications

  • acute form of prostatitis (in the chronic form of the disease it is not only acceptable and recommended, but in the acute form manipulation can aggravate the patient’s condition);
  • acute cystitis;
  • prostate cancer (hyperplasia);
  • prostate cyst;
  • serious problems (of various origins) with urination;
  • hemorrhoids in the acute stage;
  • psychological barrier (often women are the first to talk about carrying out this procedure, and men speak out sharply against it, having their own reasons, and if this happens, then it is not recommended to insist on your opinion, because the benefits of carrying it out in such a situation will not be easy to achieve) .

How to properly stimulate a man's prostate for pleasure

In conclusion, it is necessary to say about one more contraindication, which is that after inserting a finger into the anus, a man complains of a sharp spasm of the sphincter or severe pain, then stimulation must be abruptly stopped.

It is also necessary to stop the procedure if bleeding begins during the procedure; moreover, after this symptom, you must immediately consult a doctor and tell him about this symptom, because it may indicate a serious illness or complication that requires immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Despite the pleasure that you can give your man in this way, this type of massage also has its contraindications, ignoring which can lead to serious consequences. These include:

  • hemorrhoids or anal fissures;
  • prostate tuberculosis;
  • elevated body temperature and infectious diseases;
  • BPH;
  • acute prostatitis;

As you already understand, prostate massage gives not only pleasure, but also some benefits to your sex life. Try doing this massage to your lover, and you will see how much your intimacy will change for the better. Throw all doubts and stereotypes aside and get a kick out of life!

Prostate massage is recommended if the following indications exist:

  1. Chronic prostatitis.
  2. The need to obtain secretions produced by the prostate for laboratory tests.
  3. Prevention of prostate diseases.
  4. Vesiculitis (inflammatory process in the seminal vesicles) beyond the acute stage.
  5. Potency disorders associated with pathological processes in the prostate area.

Before carrying out the procedure, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor, since in some pathological conditions mechanical impact on this organ is contraindicated.

You should refrain from prostate massage in the following cases:

  1. With signs of prostatitis occurring in acute form.
  2. Other inflammatory processes of the reproductive organs are in the acute stage.
  3. The presence of stones or cysts in the massaged gland.
  4. Tuberculosis or prostate cancer.
  5. Urinary retention.
  6. Acute hemorrhoids, proctitis, anal fissures and other diseases of the rectum.

Thus, for some diseases, massage may or may not be permitted: it all depends on the stage and form of the disease. Therefore, if the question arises whether it is possible to massage the prostate with hemorrhoids or other chronic processes, you should consult a doctor to get an accurate answer.

Prostate massage with orgasm attracts many men, as well as women who want to please their loved one. But you should always remember that this manipulation is not suitable for everyone. There is a whole list of contraindications under which a man is strictly prohibited from manipulating the prostate:

  • prostate tumors and cysts;
  • blockage of prostate ducts, stones;
  • urinary disorders;
  • stages of exacerbation of hemorrhoids or prostatitis;
  • thrombosis of hemorrhoidal veins;
  • epilepsy.

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Meanwhile, for a healthy man, prostate massage is not only a way to get unearthly pleasure, but also an excellent prevention of prostatitis and impotence. Stimulation of the prostate gland will be especially useful for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Prostate massage with orgasm is a great way to diversify your sex life and strengthen your relationship as a couple. We hope that our article helped you understand all the advantages of this method, as well as the correct technique. Try, experiment and discover new facets of pleasure!

Not all patients with prostatitis are prescribed a course of prostate massage. This is because this procedure has its contraindications. These include:

  1. Inflammatory processes in the prostate gland, which have an acute form.
  2. Presence of stones in the organ.
  3. Cystic neoplasms in the prostate.
  4. Hemorrhoids and fissures in the area of ​​the posterior opening.
  5. Damage to the prostate gland by tuberculosis.
  6. Bacterial prostatitis.
  7. Impaired urination.

If there are such deviations, you should refuse massage and choose a safer alternative for the treatment of prostatitis.

Massage helps prevent prostatitis, or quickly cure an existing ailment. And it can also just be an element of pleasure, part of the intimate game of the spouses. However, do not forget that there are benefits and harms to prostate massage, just like any other massage in principle.

Prostate massage to increase potency

In general, the opinion that this kind of procedure is useful for potency is closer to myth than reality. Official medicine believes that men forced to massage their own prostate can thus only neutralize the consequences of long-term abstinence.

At various stages of adenoma or prostatitis, massage manipulations reduce pain during arousal and orgasm. Help maintain fertility at normal levels. All this increases the overall desire to have sex, although it does not affect potency itself.

Species and types

When answering the question of how to massage the prostate, 3 methods are most often mentioned:

  • actually, rectal - with a finger or a separate massager;
  • transurethral - using a soft bougie. This is the name of a dilator for the urethra blocked by strictures. Performed only by a specialist (due to the high probability of injury) and rarely (due to unpleasant sensations for the patient);
  • non-contact – due to specially designed exercises for tensing and relaxing the muscles of the buttocks and pelvis. Indirect massage of the prostate is carried out by the muscles surrounding it.

But massaging the prostate with the tongue is a myth. The anal sphincter consists of two muscular organs located on the same line - external and internal. It is constantly in a compressed state, and men who have had anal sex know in practice how strong its “grip” is. An erect penis can pass it, but the tongue cannot.

The second point that excludes the oral option is the insufficient length of the tongue in the protruding state. Therefore, the procedure can only be carried out with him, implying external licking of the skin in the interval from the scrotum to the anus. But this, of course, is not a direct prostate massage, but simply anilingus. And besides pleasure, it gives nothing to the husband or partner.

Self-massage technique

Many men are embarrassed to ask their women to stimulate their prostate gland during intimacy. Sometimes, for certain reasons, the wife cannot do this. Then husbands have to perform prostate massage with a finger themselves.

Men consider self-massage of the prostate with a finger as an additional stimulation during masturbation. Some of them decide to undergo such procedures because they want to use this preventive method to protect their own health from prostatitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system. Urologists claim that self-massage also gives good results. But it must be done correctly.

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To get pleasure, a man can massage the prostate with his fingers or with a special device that is sold in sex shops. He will also have to work a little to reach the right place without harming himself, since this technique requires a certain plasticity.

Self-massage of the prostate gland for a high is done in the following way:

  • The first step is to empty your bowels. If necessary, you can use a cleansing enema;
  • The anus and genitals need to be washed well with soap. The same applies to the hands;
  • Next, the man needs to take the most comfortable position for him, in which he can reach the anus. It is usually recommended to sit standing and raise your leg, or lie on your side and pull your knees towards your stomach;
  • It is advisable to put a glove on your hand and lubricate your finger with Vaseline;
  • It is necessary to slowly penetrate the anus, find the prostate and begin to massage it with careful movements.

If all actions are performed correctly, then during the massage the man will experience only pleasant sensations. If severe discomfort occurs, it is better to stop the procedure.

You can use a massager from a sex shop

How to properly massage your prostate with your finger?

It is inconvenient to do prostate massage on your own, and it is not performed in salons - only in hospitals. The procedure will require flexibility from the man, and if this is not enough, the attempt risks ending in injury. In old age, fainting also occurs due to a rush of blood to the head. It is also important to remember that excessive pressure on the lobules of the organ is unacceptable.

Prostate massage

Step by step process:

  1. 2 hours before the procedure, drink 1-2 liters of liquid in any portions.
  2. Before the manipulations, cleansing of feces is carried out - through a laxative, an enema, or independently.
  3. Nails are cut to the root and all sharp edges are smoothed with a manicure file.
  4. Wash your hands up to the elbows with soap and wipe with alcohol; do not use hand cream.
  5. Put a medical glove or fingertip on your hand - only on the working finger (the middle finger, but if it is more convenient, you can use the index finger).
  6. Lubricate it thickly with a special lubricant or purified Vaseline, then insert it into the anus.

The approximate “immersion depth” is a couple of phalanges of the middle finger. But it may be greater or less, depending on individual anatomical features. The massage therapist needs to use his fingertip to look for a bulge the size of a ping pong ball on the anterior (the one towards the abdominal cavity, not the spine) wall of the rectum.

The detected organ should be massaged, starting from the right lobule, with transverse stroking from the edge to the dividing groove between the lobules. Then stroke the left lobe in the same way and finish with circular movements with your finger along the furrow itself, from top to bottom. It is enough to repeat each movement 7-9 times, and the entire procedure lasts no more than 5 minutes (on average, 3).

Prostate massage can be pleasant, “not good” or even cause discomfort. But if the pain is severe, you should stop it immediately and go to the hospital. A procedure after which 4-5 drops of ejaculate is released is considered effective. If it contains blood or has a greenish or yellowish tint, a doctor is also needed. Optimal selection of posture helps reduce the risk of complications. The two most convenient options here are:

  • squatting, with feet wide apart. It is advisable to hold on to any support with your free hand so as not to lose your balance. This position is well suited for men with hypertension and cervical osteochondrosis;
  • knee-elbow (on all fours). Requires a man to have his working arm placed awkwardly at the side and his head to be bowed. It should not be used in case of cardiovascular disorders and ischemic heart disease.

Additional recommendations

If a man or his companion has not previously had to massage the prostate gland, then they should first carefully read the relevant literature. It wouldn’t hurt to watch a video where an experienced specialist talks about the specifics of this procedure.

The person performing the massage must be familiar with the anatomical structure of the male body. This will make it easier for him to find the prostate gland.

You need to make sure that the man is as relaxed as possible during the massage. Tension and tightness will lead to painful sensations during basic manipulations.

There is nothing wrong with a man liking prostate massage. This attitude towards the usual procedure is not a sign of hidden homosexuality, as many believe. In fact, it allows the couple to fully open up in bed. In addition, do not forget that massage of the gland is a pleasant way to prevent prostatitis.

Until August 10, the Institute of Urology together with the Ministry of Health is conducting the program “Russia without prostatitis ”. Within which the drug Predstanol is available at a discounted price of 99 rubles. , to all residents of the city and region!


The prostate gland, or simply the prostate, plays a big role in the proper functioning of the male body, as it allows for high-quality sex life at any age.

It is worth clarifying that it allows you to get rid of prostatitis and improve the functioning of the genitourinary system without visiting a doctor. But you need to contact a urologist to eliminate all possible contraindications and make a prostate massage yourself, as in the video, unforgettable and comfortable.

Contraindications for men include chronic adenoma and acute prostatitis, hemorrhoids and oncology, inflammatory processes in the rectum and genitourinary system, fever and fissures in the anus.

Prostate massage at home for your husband - how to do it yourself without causing harm?

In this case, the participation of a wife or girlfriend is preferable for reasons of greater comfort and precision of movements given to them, as well as an erotic “accent” that can neutralize possible unpleasant sensations and set the man up for sexual pleasure.

Prostate massage for husband from wife

  1. A woman's manicure will also have to be completely trimmed and the edge of the nail should be trimmed, at least on the working finger.
  2. The man or husband is required to first empty his bowels in any convenient way.
  3. It is still advisable for him to take a volume of fluid sufficient to load the kidneys (this will make it easier to find the target organ), but it is not necessary if the gland has already been found, or the procedure is not used for treatment, but to enhance excitation.
  4. Lubricant is “attached” to the procedure in any case, although the lady may choose not to use a glove or fingertip (during love games such thorough preparation is not always appropriate).
  5. The depth of insertion of the finger and the technique remain the same, the pressure is light, only slightly pressing. The prostate gland should not be “scratched” or “pricked”.

If a woman sets out to massage the prostate of a man or husband herself, the result is also expected to be the release of several drops of seminal fluid from the penis, even in the absence of an erection.

Preparing for prostate massage

Prostate massage for a man using a finger should be carried out according to the rules. It is very important to prepare for it thoroughly. Then the procedure will be more pleasant and useful. You can ask your spouse to massage this area. But first, she should study information about massage techniques so that she does not inadvertently damage the prostate gland and neighboring tissues. It wouldn't hurt to visit a urologist, who will tell you in detail how to massage the prostate yourself with your finger or with the help of your wife.

If a woman decides to massage her husband's prostate with her finger, she should cut off her long nails. Hands should first be treated with an antiseptic solution to prevent accidental infection. It is best to wear sterile gloves and generously lubricate the desired finger with Vaseline or baby cream.

You can massage the gland with your finger yourself or with your wife involved in the process only after carrying out all the necessary hygiene procedures. The genitals, scrotum and anus should be thoroughly washed.

Another important stage in preparing for the procedure is relaxing the man. He must tune in to the upcoming process, viewing it exclusively from the positive side. If possible, you need to create an intimate atmosphere around and make sure that there is no one else in the room except the couple.

Before the massage, you need to empty your bowels. If this cannot be done naturally, a man can use a microenema. It is also advisable to drink about 1 liter of water before the procedure in order to fill the bladder well. In this case, the massage will be much easier. You can visit the toilet only after massaging the prostate gland is completed.

Wife massage technique

Any woman who has previously become familiar with the technique of performing such manipulations can perform a prostate massage at home with her husband’s finger. Usually the method of direct impact on the gland through the anus is used. At first, massage may seem very strange and incomprehensible. However, the man should really like him.

The following are instructions that explain how to properly massage the prostate:

  • You should cut your nails, wash your hands and prepare lubricant;
  • The finger that will be inserted into the anus must be generously lubricated. Then, using circular movements, you need to carefully stroke the anus;
  • You need to wait until the man completely relaxes. Then entry will be less uncomfortable;
  • Now you can fully insert a lubricated finger into the anus about 5 cm. You should lightly press on the intestinal walls that will surround it;
  • You need to feel the prostate. It has the shape of a small tubercle. This is what needs to be massaged carefully. It is best to avoid pressing movements to avoid accidentally damaging the prostate gland.

To make the sensation more pleasant for a man, a woman can combine movements massaging the prostate with her finger and caressing the genital organ with her tongue or other hand. Such stimulation of the penis will allow the partner to achieve a vivid orgasm, and until that moment to have fun.

The technique of performing external massage of the prostate gland with a finger consists of several stages:

  • It is best to start a massage with oral caresses of the genital organ and lightly massaging the penis with your hands. At this time, you can begin searching for the area located between the testicles and the anus. There is a point here that indicates the location of the prostate gland;
  • Use your fingers to gently press on the found point;
  • At this time, do not forget to stimulate the genital organ with your second hand or mouth.

Thanks to this technique, a man is guaranteed a stable erection and a high-quality orgasm.

It is important to create a relaxing atmosphere

Devices and devices for prostate massage

Their wide range is associated with the frequent inability of a man to have full sex with diseases of the gland, combined with the need to regularly empty its ducts of ejaculate. The quality of home manipulations for the husband also often leaves much to be desired, despite all the efforts of the wife. A special device allows you to properly massage the prostate in almost any combination.

Prostate massager

The most famous devices on the market are:

  • Prostata Help MP-1 – with a one-piece rubberized body of high hygiene, a wide choice of vibration intensity and an anatomically justified shape. “Prostata Help” is also convenient for women to use as a vibrator. It costs 1,690 rubles and is sold complete with 4 condoms;
  • Prostam is a more complex option that simultaneously provides vibration, heating at a temperature of 38-42 0C and generating a magnetic field. The device is controlled through a block that remains in the patient’s hands, and therapy is provided by an applicator inserted through the anus. The device is Ukrainian, within the country of origin it is sold for 1750 UAH. You can buy it in the Russian Federation for 5,000 rubles.

These 2 main models are repeated with certain modifications (color, the presence of additional relief or options) in the devices:

  • Cheeky-Boy Rocks-Off (7399 rubles or 2700 hryvnia);
  • Rocks-Off Big-Boy (slightly larger than the previous one, 7290/1915);
  • Nexus G-Play Plus (built-in battery instead of replaceable, 1990/890).
  • Mavit ULP-01 (11200/4700).

Another type of device includes Soyuz-Apollo for vacuum and magnetic therapy of a wide range of pathologies - from prostatitis to erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease. Unlike massagers, there are no restrictions on its use, since it does not act directly on the prostate.

Soyuz-Apollo creates vacuum conditions in a tube connected to the program unit, where the penis is placed. It imitates the conditions of sexual intercourse better than other devices and promotes preliminary arousal by activating genital blood circulation. In addition to exposure to variable pressure, Soyuz-Apollo is also intended for magnetic resonance therapy, which is most effective for chronic diseases of the prostate gland. Its purchase will cost 55 thousand rubles.

How to properly perform prostate massage

First of all, a man should be relaxed. Before performing a massage, it is important to set him up in the right mood, to convince him that there is nothing bad or shameful in your actions, on the contrary, he will receive unearthly pleasure.

Before the session it is important to prepare:

  • The room should be warm, it is advisable to light one or two candles from the light;
  • Prepare Vaseline or a special intimate lubricant;
  • It is advisable to perform massage with a condom;
  • Your hands should be warm.

So, everything is clear with the preparatory part, now you need to familiarize yourself with the technique of performing prostate massage. To do this, carefully insert your index finger into the anus. For smooth entry, it is important to lubricate the finger in the condom and the anal ring itself. When deepened by 3-5 cm, you should feel a rounded compaction consisting of two lobes - this is the prostate. The movements should be stroking at the beginning, later you can change them to circular ones. Men get special pleasure from rhythmic pressure on the gland. It is at this moment that an erection may become stronger. If your young man is particularly sensitive, then it is likely that he may get an orgasm from your actions.

Watch the intensity of your movements, because excessive effort can cause sharp pain, after which the man will not only lose the desire to continue, but he is also unlikely to allow you to do this again.

This type of massage can be used as a prelude to sex or as a special way to achieve orgasm. Massaging the prostate gland affects the duration of sexual intercourse (it becomes longer) and the quality of orgasmic sensations (they will be brighter and longer). In addition, prostate massage can help with erectile dysfunction and treat some forms of male infertility, but this requires consultation with a urologist.

Contraindications and harm

When deciding to try this new word in your intimate life, you need to take into account that prostate massage, the benefits of which were initially intended only as medical ones, has a number of contraindications even in clinical practice. So, it will do more harm than good when:

  • acute stage of any diseases of the gland itself, testes, penis;
  • pathologies of the urinary system (everything from the urethra to the kidneys);
  • diseases of the rectum, including fissure, inflammation, polyps, hemorrhoids;
  • suspected tuberculosis and cancer;
  • prostatic stones;
  • acute urinary retention;
  • gland cysts.

Prostate massage at home for your husband for a thrill: preparatory procedures and contraindications

Prostate massage with completion is a procedure that involves applying pressure to the prostate with a finger or massager to cure a disease or to prevent a possible disease.

The prostate is called the male G-spot, so the correct impact on it will give a guy great pleasure.

Preparation for prostate stimulation involves a set of procedures that both husband and wife must perform.

Husband preparation:

  • Familiarization with the procedure through specialized sources, you can also discuss with your wife in advance how the procedure will be performed, and under what conditions it will be necessary to stop it.
  • It is important to carry out the colon cleansing procedure in advance. This is best done with an enema filled with warm chamomile infusion.
  • Before the massage (about half an hour before the procedure), you need to drink a lot of fluid so that the bladder is full: this ensures closer contact of the finger inserted into the anus with the surface of the prostate.

Preparing the wife:

  • familiarization with prostate massage through special publications and educational videos;
  • short-cut nails or using a fingertip;
  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap before starting prostate massage.

First of all, it should be understood that for most men, the prostate massage procedure is associated with psychological discomfort. It is impossible to massage the prostate gland on your own, so you need the help of a loved one who can be trusted with this delicate process. For a man, such a person is his wife.

Prostate massage at home for your husband for a high allows you to solve a number of problems, including chronic prostatitis, discomfort in the pelvic area, impotence (as a result of untreated prostatitis).

In addition to therapeutic purposes, prostate massage can also be carried out as a preventive measure for various diseases of this organ. For married couples, prostate massage significantly strengthens the relationship.

Prostate massage

  • The partner stands, bending over and leaning on the table;
  • Knee-elbow position on the bed or floor;
  • You can use the position lying on your back, but in this case it will not be very comfortable for the woman, because you need to massage towards the stomach;
  • Massage is also carried out with a medical device or a strap-on, it all depends on the desire of the man and the relaxedness of the partners.

All these methods are approved by experts. The most important thing is to properly prepare your partner for the massage. It is usually done in a warm room, without strangers, so that the man can relax.

Palpation of the organ

  • It is best to do an enema or a bowel movement before massaging the prostate gland;
  • The bladder must be full so that you can urinate;
  • Be sure to wear a rubber glove, as there may be microtraumas on your hands, so this protection of yourself and your partner will be mutual;
  • We use Vaseline or lubricant for anal sex;
  • We insert a finger, preferably the index finger, no further than 4-5 cm deep, and feel the tubercle there towards the partner’s stomach. It will need to be massaged;
  • If your partner doesn’t allow you to move your finger right away, then we teach you gradually, caressing the perineum with your hands so that he relaxes;
  • First, it is recommended to start massaging the right half of the gland, then the left.

Stroking is carried out in a vertical direction, ending with a movement from top to bottom. All actions within should not take pain. The movements are light, barely noticeable, with slight pressure on the tubercle.

A massage is performed for 2 to 5 minutes, then the partner must urinate. You can do the massage yourself, but it is completely inconvenient, so it is better to negotiate with a partner who can give maximum pleasure to his man.

When not to massage:

  • For intestinal inflammation and hemorrhoids;
  • With impaired urination;
  • For prostate adenoma and exacerbation of prostatitis;
  • If there are stones in the ducts and cysts;
  • For chronic prostatitis, if the doctor has prohibited it;
  • With fever and feeling unwell.

It is best to first be examined or visit a doctor. Usually the consultation is carried out by a urologist.

Prostate massage is known not only for its positive qualities, but also for its disadvantages. This means that in some cases it can cause harm to the male body. If the procedure is performed incorrectly, the patient risks complications in the form of exacerbation of prostatitis and the appearance of prostate adenoma.

Do not forget that prostate massage is a medical procedure. Therefore, it must be carried out by a qualified specialist who is well acquainted with the technique of the method.

If the procedure is not carried out correctly, the following health problems may arise:

  1. Blood poisoning if prostatitis is bacterial.
  2. Spread of metastases in the presence of carcinoma.
  3. The appearance of an autoimmune reaction that leads to the formation of antigen.
  4. Exacerbation of hemorrhoids caused by damage to the intestinal walls.

Most side effects are caused by too much pressure from the device or a finger on the gland and the walls of nearby organs. The procedure may be accompanied by pain due to tension in the abdominal muscles.

Many couples who practice self-massage of the prostate gland note the appearance of mucous fluid from the penis during or after the procedure. Some people mistake the liquid for sperm, but in fact it is the remains of ejaculate, processed and not excreted sperm.

A number of men experience erections during prostate massage and even ejaculation. Yes, a procedure at home can be enjoyable if done carefully and with all possible gentleness.

Prostate massage can be performed using special vibrating massagers. You need to buy men's massagers; they differ from women's in the shape and texture of the external fabrics. If massage is an element of sexual games, you must not forget that it cannot be performed for more than 5 minutes and it is advisable to take breaks in this type of procedure.

DETAILS: Urine is reddish in color in men

Urologists note that a properly performed massage is not always pleasant. A man experiences a sensation of a foreign body in the rectum. Even after a massage, he may feel like he has something stuck under his testicles. An inexperienced massage therapist can harm the patient by pressing too hard.

In addition, there are a number of pathologies when prostate massage is contraindicated:

  • Cancer of the prostate or other pelvic organs.
  • Cracks, abrasions, scratches in the anus.
  • Hemorrhoids, varicose veins.
  • Acute infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Cystic formations in the rectum, prostate.

You can massage the prostate gland at home on your own or with the help of your wife. The main thing is to monitor your feelings and not overdo it, achieving a positive result.

Prostate massage with completion is a procedure that involves applying pressure to the prostate with a finger or massager to cure a disease or to prevent a possible disease.

The prostate is called the male G-spot, so the correct impact on it will give a guy great pleasure.

Preparation for prostate stimulation involves a set of procedures that both husband and wife must perform.

Husband preparation:

  • Familiarization with the procedure through specialized sources, you can also discuss with your wife in advance how the procedure will be performed, and under what conditions it will be necessary to stop it.
  • It is important to carry out the colon cleansing procedure in advance. This is best done with an enema filled with warm chamomile infusion.
  • Before the massage (about half an hour before the procedure), you need to drink a lot of fluid so that the bladder is full: this ensures closer contact of the finger inserted into the anus with the surface of the prostate.

Preparing the wife:

  • familiarization with prostate massage through special publications and educational videos;
  • short-cut nails or using a fingertip;
  • wash your hands thoroughly with soap before starting prostate massage.

How to properly stimulate a man's prostate for pleasure

First of all, it should be understood that for most men, the prostate massage procedure is associated with psychological discomfort. It is impossible to massage the prostate gland on your own, so you need the help of a loved one who can be trusted with this delicate process. For a man, such a person is his wife.

Prostate massage at home for your husband for a high allows you to solve a number of problems, including chronic prostatitis, discomfort in the pelvic area, impotence (as a result of untreated prostatitis).

In addition to therapeutic purposes, prostate massage can also be carried out as a preventive measure for various diseases of this organ. For married couples, prostate massage significantly strengthens the relationship.

First of all, it must be said that before the massage it is necessary to treat the area around the anus with a special lubricant, which will facilitate sliding (the same manipulation must be done with your finger).

Then you need to remember that the finger is inserted until a tubercle is felt on the front wall of the anus - it is this area that is massaged (it is distinguished by a large accumulation of sensitive receptors and an increased level of sensitivity, so you should not put too much pressure on it, Moreover, if your husband feels tension, then the pressure should be reduced and a little lubricant added).

Important! With proper stimulation of the prostate gland, a man should feel pleasure, which is manifested by the occurrence of an erection, so if a wife massages her husband’s prostate, then special attention should be paid to this fact, and if there is no erection, then the woman needs to additionally stimulate her husband’s erogenous zones.

A man must be as relaxed as possible during stimulation, otherwise he may feel discomfort and pain during it. Comfort in this situation can be achieved by choosing a comfortable position for the man (the woman, in turn, should be able to relax him).

It must be said that the procedure can be combined with oral sex or masturbation of the penis with the hand, which will allow the husband to relax and enjoy it (this is especially recommended during the first session, when the man does not know what to expect).

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